Practical Truths involved in outsourcing eBook Conversions

eBook conversions – normally, Kindle conversion or ePub Conversion processes that produce the most familiar eBook formats – the AZW (for Amazon’s Kindle) and ePub (for all other devices excepting the Kindle – Kindle cannot read ePub formats and reads only the AZW format, which is the proprietary format of Amazon). People with writing skills and with a lot of ideas (and with creativity), who have been longing to use their skills and put their ideas into words in a book in order to be published, have become encouraged after the arrival of eBooks, as it has been made easy to get books published in digital forms whereas it had been a difficult process doing that in traditional method – in printed form.

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The online publishing platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Noble and Nook, and so on, have been offering easy, free conversion options using online automated tools.   When an author submits a .Word file, it will automatically get converted into the Kindle or ePub format of eBook. However, there is risk involved in these processes.   The output eBook will not open properly in all devices or apps. The content may be fine in Kindle devices but in other applications, the special characters, images, graphs, tables, etc., may not display properly as the automated tools cannot capture these appropriately during the conversion process. Other than these, the basic drawbacks in carrying out conversion by self are:

  • Much of time is required to get to learn the processes involved.
  • You will be the only person responsible for the whole of the processes.
  • The output might show up that it is not professional and be understood to have been prepared by an amateur author / publisher.

To ensure perfect readability and error-free output, you need to hire an experienced service provider like EBook Enhancers LLC who has handled a number of Kindle conversion as well as ePub conversion projects with good records.

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When you outsource your conversion process, you will:

  • Not be the only one responsible – a team of professionals will be taking care of your project to ensure perfect quality of the output.
  • Your book will be more professional and the looks will catch more of readers for you, if the overall quality, that is, not only the content but also the formatting (the book cover, the font, color, images and style, etc.) will be pleasant to the readers.

Unless you are technically sound – professionally well-versed in html coding, it is not recommended that you try to do the conversion following the steps narrated. It is better to outsource the project to a service provider, as explained above. Not only the formatting (conversion into eBook) part you should outsource, it is also needed that you should submit your manuscript to a professional copy editor to get it edited thoroughly in order to ensure quality of the content too, though you may be very good in the language (grammar, spelling, etc).

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Tention Books is interested in most types of commercial literary fiction for adults and young adults, and we also publish works on psychology, philosophy and related fields. We do not consider for publication other non-fiction works, children’s books, short stories, poetry or plays. From 1 December 2012 we will be handling all submissions electronically via this website.

Details of our first book, published in July 2012, are set out below. Written by John Dolan, ‘Everyone Burns’ is a crime novel set on the Thai island of Samui.

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Books Online – A Better Way to Purchase Books?

Online BooksHow important are books online? Although many people now say that the growth of the internet is doing nothing to help literacy rates across this country, the fact is that if you are a bibliophile, there may be no better place to find your books than on the internet. Getting books on line is easy, and there are so many ways to do it. Of course, if you are interested in the classics primarily, you can find almost any online books that you want. There are thousands of books on line that were written long enough ago that the copyright has expired, and you can get any of these tomes to peruse through project Gutenberg, or some other free source. Basically, anyone who wants to can put these books on line once they go into the public domain, and many fans of this great literature all over the world do just that.

Books On line are Newer

Of course, you can also read newer books online, such as the most up to date works of fiction. To read these books on line, you typically have to pay a fee, but it is often a good bit less than actually buying a paper copy of the book in an bookstore. Of course, they will make you agree not to share the online book with other readers, but if you do this, then you will be free to read it whenever you would like to.

Ordering Books Online

You can also order books on line from a bookstore or publisher. Of course, almost everyone has heard of by now, and this is one of the best ways to get books on line, since it is so cheap, but it is by no means the only one available to you. If, for example, you are looking for a certain very rare used book, the internet might be just the perfect place to start. You can get used books on line as easy as new ones, and there are search engines to make it quite easy for you to do so. They will search literally hundreds of used book stores all across the country, and find exactly what you are looking for if it is at all available. Of course, if it is something that is very rare, or of great value, it may be hard to get this method to work, but usually even rare used books on line can be found in a few months without too much trouble.